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Notification System

Send text messages to parents/staff about school activities (public holiday, vacation, early closing) and payment reminders.

Business Overview

Gain insight at a glance about number of students, debtors, creditors, school store sales, income & expenditure etc.

Student Wallet and Store

A robost solution that allows student wallet system for buying in the stores and manage store inventory efficiently.

Schools Fees & Expense

Manage student schools fees and bills payment effortlessly, capture expenses and generate payroll reports.

New Latest Offers

ProbitySchools Accounting is designed for Primary & Secondary Schools, Our software includes fees billing, payroll, accounts receivable, and more.

School admins can access students tuition payment, school store, issue receipts, send bills to parents etc. in one place.

Our per user pricing makes ProbitySchools affordable for all schools.

We cater for every budget.
Simple Pricing. Choose the best plan for your School.

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We understand your business needs could be different we will be willing to help. We can even deploy the solution for your school on your present website.

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