Easy Production Management Software

ProbityMM help you account fo every raw material. Generate bill of material required for every production. Send Quotes and Invoice to your customers, record expenses and raw material purchases and review your business profitability realtime.

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Estimates & Sales Orders.

Create Quotes and Sales Orders easily and get paid on time.

Purchase Order.

Issue Purchase order for your vendors and track what is outstanding.

Manufacturing Order.

Reconsile every raw material used and allocated for each production.

Product Features

Easily retrieve and view your order details

Know how the different product categories contribute to sales.

Manage inventory at a manufacturing/assembly business

Know current inventory levels of each product and raw material and reoder point.

Print automatically created invoices

Automate inventory calculations of raw materials based on products.

Easily understand the sales and purchase patterns

Choose whether you hold manufactured goods or not (at product level.

Product-Raw Material Mapping allow defining the number of units of raw material needed to make 1 unit of product.

Overview of raw material stock position, it displays the quantity in stock, category, reorder point and unit cost of each raw material

We cater for every budget.
Simple Pricing. Choose the best plan for your business.

Special Needs ?

We can build a taylor made solution just for your company and host it online or install in your premises.

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We are an indigenous electrical /electronics engineering company and Probity Material Management solved our pain of documenting all the component we use in building an electrical circuit/device and above all we can send estimate and invoice to our client easily.

Stanley Umeh