Robost Hospital Management

The efficient way to Run your hospital.
Deployable in the Cloud or On Premise.
Boost productivity.
Block revenue leakages.


Patient records are easily accesible.


Manage consultations effortlessy.


Issue and store lab results per patient.


Manage drug dispensing and stock adminsitration.

Record consultation
From each queued patient the doctor can treat and send to lab or pharmacy.
Send patient to lab
Patient sent to lab, are mandated to pay at reception before lab analysis.
Queue patient
Receptionist can automatically queue patient to doctors.
Manage front desk
Seamlessly register single, family or nhis patient and accept payments.

Do You Need See How?

A demo account is hosted in the cloud for your demo login at your spare time.

Easily store information about patients during consulation.

Secured data and authentication for each user login.

Drug Prescription

Sales Receipt.